Apple has sent out invites for a September 7th event where it is expected to unveil the iPhone 7.苹果公司收到了9月7日(发布会)的邀请函,揭露iPhone 7的面纱。The event will be held in San Francisco, and could also see the release of new MacBooks and a second generation Apple watch.发布会将在旧金山举办,预计还不会公布新款MacBooks和第二代苹果手表。


According to a Bloomberg source, the next-generation versions of the iPhone are due to debut on September 7.根据彭博社消息,下一代苹果9月7号登场。 Earlier this week, Bloomberg release information that suggests next months iPhone is expected to be much different from what is in your hand.这周前几天,彭博社透漏信息说道,下个月的苹果手机不会和你手头的这款大有有所不同。

Although the handsets may be designed with new features, display sizes are not expected to change.尽管机身不会有新的设计特色,但表明尺寸大小不大会变化。Sources also told Bloomberg that Apple removed the two innermost antenna lines that line the back of the current phones.彭博社还获得消息,苹果去除了相连现行手机背面的内置的天线。According to Bloomberg’s sources, who claim to have used a prototype of the highly anticipated devices, this new system will snap brighter pictures in low-light environments and with more detail.The lenses, which each snap colour differently, will merge together to make one detailed image.据彭博社消息称之为,早已用过这台万众瞩目的设备原型,新的系统在光线严重不足的环境中照片捕捉图像不会更加精准。这些镜头,每一个捕捉色彩都有所不同,合在一起捕猎精准细节。


Numerous leaks and sources have surfaced over the past year reveaingl a major change in the the upcoming iPhones, no headphone jack, which Bloomberg says will be replaced with a second speaker.去年有好多谣传和消息透漏说道将要公布的iPhone主要变化是仍然另设耳机孔,彭博社称会加设一个扩音器。Another rumor hit the internet just last month that put an even bigger twist on the mystery, claiming next months Apple smartphones will not be called the iPhone 7 at all.上月另一网上谣传是堪称让情况更加扑朔迷离,称之为下个月的苹果智能手机显然就会称作iPhone 7。-澳门十大网投平台手机版下载。


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